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I am excited beyond words to be teaching your Third Grader! Thank you for entrusting your child to me for the coming school year. I will do my very best everyday to help your child realize the depth of God’s love for them while promoting academic excellence.

I consider third grade as a year of transition. The third grader is changing from the dependent primary learner into a more independent intermediate student. My goal is to help your third grader develop the independence in study habits and internal motivation to help them in the years ahead. I know there will be times of frustration and challenge for all of us, but I know that God will use those times to teach us important life lessons and also remind us how much we need Him. I want to help empower your child to overcome frustrations and face challenges head on.

You are your child’s primary teacher, but I am committed to treating your child as I will my own someday. I will make every effort to create a stable and safe learning environment. Being your child’s teacher is an amazing privilege and responsibility. I look forward to the challenges and rewards it will bring! Please feel free to call, stop by before or after school, or email me to set up a time to discuss any questions, concerns and/or suggestions. Together we will have a successful year!

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